the De Bethune DB28 Kind Of Blue Tourbillon Meteorite

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Although this watch features meteorite material that is 5 000 years old, it is still futuristic due to the fact that it looks like something out of a science fiction movie. Set to be launched at Baselworld 2018, and priced at an astronomical $277,200, it is an exceptional timepiece.

The blued meteorite dial utilizes a piece of the universe which fell to earth in Santiago del Estero, Argentina. Master watchmaker Denis Flageollet used diamond powder, steel blades and high temperature flames, “to breathe life into this sleeping beauty and afford a glimpse of the distant land it once called home”.

Flageollet has also added tiny drops of gold to evoke the stars that speckle the distant space from where the meteor came. Gold is also used for stunning contrast with the impossibly blue DB2019v3 movement – the rose gold power reserve indicator and rose gold caseback create a magical visual chemistry together.

The movement features an array of cutting edge technical features, including a De Bethune silicon escape wheel encircled with a white gold ring (Patent 2010), a De Bethune balance-spring with flat terminal curve (Patent 2006), and a silicon escape wheel Ultra-light 30 second De Bethune Tourbillon in silicon and titanium, which dances through time at a hypnotic thirty-six thousand times per hour. If you had the kind of money to be a tourist in space, maybe a sci-fi timepiece like this would travel with you.


By: Nick Rice