NOMOS Club 38 Campus Nacht

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There are sixth generation watchmakers practicing their craft at NOMOS Glashütte, the small town nestled in South East Germany at the foot of the Ore Mountains. The town has been making watches for 170 years and the former train station is now the HQ of one of the watch industry’s hippest manufacturers. NOMOS Glashütte are an A-Z company, make every component of their timepieces. This year NOMOS present the Campus line, which somehow manages to marry maturity with a sense of youthful vitality.

Blending avant-garde design prowess from Berlin with traditional know-how from Glashütte, the Campus collection is another telling example for why NOMOS has won over 130 international awards for their watches since 2000. Although pitched at graduates, the dark colouring and fine materials of the Club 38 Campus Nacht will look strikingly smart on the wrists of any age group. At the heart of the watch, which playfully combines Roman and Arabic numerals on the dial, is the classic hand-assembled Alpha calibre – the first NOMOS movement. The Campus is offered with a complimentary engraving service to make a special watch that bit more so.

By: Nick Rice