Kari Voutilainen Vingt-8 ISO

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Almost as humble as he is talented, Kari Voutilainen is one of the world’s most lauded independent watchmakers. Born in Finland but now based in Môtiers, Switzerland, Voutilainen has been creating a very limited number of exquisitely handmade timepieces since 2002. The demand for the Vingt-8 ISO came from a client who wanted something creative and unconventional. Voutilainen took inspiration from the world-renowned psychologist and Nobel Prize laureate Daniel Kahneman.

An expert in the field of Behavioural Economics, Kahneman published Thinking, Fast and Slow in which he describes two different ways the brain forms thoughts – System 1 and System 2. With System 1 we glance at a watch dial and instantly know the time. The Vingt-8 ISO deliberately conforms to System 2 behaviour, forcing the wearer to pause and actually read the time. Essentially, the hour hand remains the same but the minutes must be carefully noted via the rotating peripheral disc.

The Vingt-8 ISO is deserving of a lingering gaze with its stunning silver engine-turned dial and flawless finishing.

“We are not used to reading the time like this, it forces us to really look at the watch,” Voutilainen says. It bestows respect not only on the lovingly crafted timepiece itself but more importantly, it makes the reader aware of his or her time, it makes you mindful of your moments.

By: Nick Rice