The Swedish take on Smart Watches

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Sweden is known for Volvo, IKEA and ABBA, but soon the Scandinavian country will also be on the map of countries that make smart watches.

Smart watches are here, there and everywhere. But soon there will also be a smart watch made in a country that is better known for everything else by micro chips and blue tooth connecting devices. All this because of Kronaby, who will present their smart watch on the 26th of January next year.

I sat down with Sarandis Kalogeropulos, who is one of the four founders of the Swedish smart watch brand Kronaby, trying to get some answers even though he could not reveal much, due to the forthcoming launch next year.

A Swedish smart watch. Why?

– We have thought a lot about how today’s society creates technology that is a distraction and disabling rather than being an enabler. We wanted to develop a product that would make everyday life easier and less stressful.

The philosophy behind Kronaby is to put design at the centre of watchmaking and add only relevant smart functions. We call this methodology – Human Technology. The idea of a watch was a natural first step because of what was missing in our lives – a beautiful connected watch.

Sweden is the birthplace for innovations within both design and technology, therefore we thought it would resonate well and it is of course our home turf. By combining world leading Swedish engineering, state-of-the-art Scandinavian design and Swiss watchmaking tradition, we have developed the next generation premium watches.

Who is the brain behind the Kronaby smart watch?

– We are four co-founders; Thomas Sandelius, Pål Borge (CEO), Fredrik Rosén and me, Sarandis Kalogeropulos. We have been colleagues before at Sony where we first met. For us, Kronaby is a product created from passion, because we wanted to use our expertise within technology and wearable design to create magic. A very natural step for us was to create a missing piece from our own lives, and that’s where our idea of a beautiful connected watch stems from.

So what is the big idea?

– Today people use their smartphones for time keeping and their watch like an accessory. Our idea is to connect the two to create a product containing the best of both worlds. The Kronaby watch preserve and honours the beauty of a classic timepiece by using the best quality materials. On the inside nothing is typical about it because it is made of innovative technology. The team at Kronaby have developed a new and unique movement, that coupled with the app can be tailored to individual needs.

What makes your watch different?

– We want to make technology work again, so that people can make able of what they need it to be. This means that the design of our watches has been a priority and only added relevant features. The uniqueness of Kronaby it’s in the durable quality and intuitive technology powered by the Kronaby connected movement. Kronaby might be the first brand who has developed our own connected movement.

It has been extremely important for us to be in charge of the whole process of making the Kronaby watch, from the inside intel, with the movement, and to the design. The Kronaby connected movement is designed and developed by some of the best hardware and software engineers in the world and gives us enormous possibilities for what we can do.

How has this influenced the design of the watch?

– We wanted to integrate smart technology without adding stress or over complicate things. We have created a premium timepiece that serves as a beautiful accessory, with a design that reflects our Scandinavian heritage, and at the same time is smart and can be worn a lifetime without going out of style.

What are your goals, your ambitions for the watch?

– We have ambitious goals for Kronaby and a strong belief in our product. However, our first step on this journey is to release the watch in Europe.

By: Kristian Haagen