Hublot Big Bang Unico Italia Independent

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Hublot is like no other watch manufacturer. This has pretty much been said since the very first gold watches with black rubber strap were introduced in 1980. The fusion of materials was all new back then and it is in the same concept that Hublot produces watches today.

The spectacular Big Bang Unico Italia Independent is a great example of the creative mindset found at the fusion happy manufacturer in Nyon. The camouflage pattern of the watch is made with a structure of Texalium®. The the 45-mm chronograph ticks with the in-house calibre Unico movement and is supplied with two different straps (one cut from chino the other made by SuperFabric® armoured fabric) that easily can be exchanged by pushing the strap release buttons. Limited to 250 pieces this looker is certain to get its own audience, once spotted out in the wild.

By: Kristian Haagen